By Garret Heinrich

Texans star receiver DeAndre Hopkins joined “In the Loop” with Cody Stoots and John Lopez Wednesday on radio row to discuss a multitude of things like his teams current quarterback situation, taking on more of a leadership role not just within the receiving core but on the team as well as his contract status and Cars.

DeAndre of course “held out” for about a 24-hour period at the start of Texans training camp this past season and while he didn’t get the big contract and the long-term commitment he was looking for at the time, he intimated to the guys today that he’d love to be in a Houston Texans uniform for a long time.

“My agent and those guys, you know, that’s between them, so I’m not going to speak too much on that. I’ve been here my whole career, I love the city, I love the fans, I love this organization and I feel like we’re only improving every year. I don’t think we took a step back from where we’ve been since I’ve been here.”

Hopkins had the opportunity to learn a lot from one of the very best receivers in the game at the time when he first came into the league in 2013, from Andre Johnson.

He said learning from him has helped him immensely to this point in his own journey to become one of the very best.

“For me it was the best situation I could have been in coming to the NFL. Being under a guy who has played with multiple quarterbacks, a guy that has a lot to offer to any player, not just a receiver in the NFL.”

Hopkins says he “embraced” everything Johnson gave him in terms of advice as well as leadership qualities on and off the field.

Hopkins added that with him being the elder statesman in the Texans locker room now as a 4 year veteran, entering his 5th season, he finds himself more than willing to help his teammates now with their hands, running crisper routes even learning how to stretch more properly.

While Hopkins would have loved to have been more productive personally and successful from a team perspective this season, he says the offense takes time for anyone to learn, especially the quarterback.

“It’s not an offense your just going to be able to come in there and be a Tom Brady after one year, it takes time. Hopkins said. “It takes time with us helping him out, doing extra and quarterbacks doing extra themselves.”

Hopkins says he’ll do whatever it takes to help Brock Osweiler become successful as he would with any player on the team.

The quarterbacks success is imperative for the teams success, and when everyone is successful, everyone tends to be happy.  And when everyone is happy, that usually means they got paid as well. Hopkins says when he does sign that big contract extension, he’s got his heart set on upgrading from his King Ranch to a ’58 Corvette.



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