As we head into the playoffs on Saturday and Sunday every one of the 12 teams have dreams of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy on the field at NRG Stadium in February. But while all the teams did what was necessary to get to the post season, some fo them did it in a far more impressive fashion.  Whether the following translates to playoff success is not known this year, but it should show you who has the best chance to make a run in the playoffs.

We took a look at how each of the twelve teams did against playoff teams, teams above .500 and teams below .500. It came out with some interesting facts.

The Texans were one of four teams that were under .500 against the other playoff teams, the Raiders (1-3) only win against a playoff team was their victory over the Texans in Mexico City.

The Packers had the most wins against playoff teams, with 5. The Lions are the only playoff team to not win a game against one of the other 11 teams, going 0-5.

Seattle played the most under .500 teams during the regular season, going 7-3-1 in their 11 games against sub-.500 clubs. Granted they also played in a division where they were the only team to finish above .500.

The Texans played 11 games against .500 or better teams, only outdone by the packers who played 12 games against winning teams.

What does that mean for the playoffs? We’re not sure. But check out the information for yourself.

Houston Texans:
2-3 vs. playoff teams (Kansas City and Detroit wins. New England, Oakland and Green Bay lost)
3-3 vs. .500 or better teams (Tennessee, Indianapolis x2 wins. Minnesota, Denver, Tennessee lost)
4-1 vs. below .500 teams (Jacksonville x2, Chicago, Cincinnati wins. San Diego lost)

New England Patriots:
4-1 vs. playoff teams
2-0 vs. 500 or better teams
8-1 vs. below .500 teams

Miami Dolphins:

1-3 vs. playoff teams
0-2 vs .500 or better teams
9-1 vs below .500 teams

Pittsburgh Steelers:
2-3 vs. playoff teams
3-1 vs. .500 or better teams
6-1 vs. below .500 teams

Kansas City Chiefs:
3-2 vs. playoff teams
3-2 vs. .500 or better teams
6-0 vs. below .500 teams

Oakland Raiders:
1-3 vs. playoff teams
5-1 vs. .500 or better teams
6-0 vs. .below .500 teams

Dallas Cowboys:
3-2 vs. playoff teams
5-0 vs. .500 or better teams
5-1 vs. below .500 teams

New York Giants:
3-2 vs. playoff teams
2-2 vs. .500 or better teams
6-1 vs. below .500 teams

Green Bay Packers:
5-2 vs. playoff teams
1-4 vs. .500 or better teams
4-0 vs. below .500 teams

Detroit Lions:
0-5 vs. playoff teams
4-1 vs. .500 or better teams
5-1 vs. below .500 teams

Atlanta Falcons:
2-2 vs. playoff teams
2-1 vs. .500 or better teams
7-2 vs. below .500 teams

Seattle Seahawks:
3-1 vs. playoff teams
0-1 vs. .500 or better teams
7-3-1 vs. below .500 teams


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