Northern Illinois athletic director Sean Frazier told today that there is increasing interest among officials at Group of Five schools to start their own playoff      just for the Group of Five.

“It’s time to have a realistic conversation about creating a playoff for the Group of Five,” Frazier said. “Why not? There is absolutely no ability for us to be in that national title conversation. That’s just reality. Anyone that says we can…That’s a flat-out lie.”

Frazier isn’t the only athletic director running a Group of Five program that’s on board with this idea, but the solution to this problem will not come via the Group of Five schools turning around with their heads hung low and running to another field to start their own game like those kids that are picked last to play pick up ball games.

Frazier and other officials have said that television networks have expressed interest in this concept.

But, of course they have. It would potentially make them a lot money.

At this point this is more-less posturing by Frazier and other Group of Five officials in effort to apply some pressure to the current system.

The current system is certainly more exciting than the last, but the call to expand to an eight-team bracket and beyond will continue to grow and more ideas will be brought to the forefront to “fix” the problem that group of Five programs have with the current system.

If there is a way to make even more money and create even more parity, the college football playoff committee will certainly listen and entertain any idea that brings more money to schools, puts more butts in seats and sells more team and NCAAF swag.

College football is a giant, and maybe like the NFL, it’s too big for its britches sometimes.

College football will continue to evolve, but there will likely never be a perfect system that works for all of the programs involved.

At the end of the season, every school wants their deserved run, they want their props, they want their players and coaches and program to be acknowledged on high level. That’s why we have such a diluted bowl schedule, which is around 40-plus games now.

Frazier, like many athletic directors in lesser conferences isn’t simply going to be able to start their own game, so to speak.

There are some AD’s and officials within Group of Five conferences that believe this would be like playing for a consolation prize of sorts.

And right now, they would be right.

It’s all about the money at the end of the day, but right now it’s all about the leverage, and the college football playoff has it all at this point in time.

However, the aforementioned cliché, “it’s all about the money” always stands the test of time in business, and if it becomes blatantly obvious that a Group of Five playoff would generate enough revenue to make that venture plausible…Game on!


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