Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – A very traditional rite of passage in the NFL is for rookies to take out their position group to dinner near the end of the year. This practice is routinely held for the first round picks because they tend to have the larger rookie salaries.

Such is not the case for fifth-round draft pick of the Houston Texans K.J. Dillon. The safety for the Texans went out to dinner with some teammates and ended up picking up the $16,255.20 bill.  Dillon Tweeted out a photo of the bill.  He deleted the tweet Tuesday morning after nearly 6,000 retweets.


kj dillon [PHOTO] Texans Rookie S KJ Dillon Saddled With $16k Dinner Bill


We’re not sure who was at the dinner with Dillon, but it was enough that 22 pours of Hennessy Pardis Imperial racked up $7,700 of that total bill.


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