By Shaun Bijani

Benching Osweiler for Savage on Sunday in the first half was not the first time BOB has gone against status quo.

He did it last season when he pulled Hoyer for Mallett 3 plus quarters into the season.

In Hoyer’s Texans debut last season, after putting his team in a 27-9 hole to the Chiefs (18-34 236 1TD 1INT), Ryan Mallett replaced him with 6 minutes left in the game and threw for a TD and 2pt conversion completing 5-6 passes on the drive, finishing the game with 98 yards 8-13 passes.

After the game, Hoyer handled the media like this:

“I’m all about the team. For him (Mallett) to move the ball and score a touchdown, that was great. I’ll be ready either way.”

2 months later, during a bye week team meeting, HC BOB admitted to making a mistake in benching Hoyer.

Regardless of how things turn out over the course of the final couple of weeks in the regular season, potentially into the postseason, BOB won’t be admitting the same mistake.

This time, It was something he had to do.

It was just time.

Fans, players and obviously coaches alike knew it was time after Osweiler was flushed from the pocket and threw his 2nd INT on consecutive drives in the first half Sunday.

The one mistake that someone will have to answer to is signing Osweiler to a 4 year 72M deal during the offseason.

Whose call was it anyway? McNair, Smith, BOB? All 3? Who sold who on Osweiler?

At times, it sure hasn’t seemed like BOB was the one standing and pounding on the table to get this guy on board.

In fact, it seems like the guy that has been charged with trying to do more with less in the previous 2 seasons with the likes of Keemun, Hoyer, Mallett, Yates and Weeden, has been trying to do more of the same with trying to pull rabbits out of hats with Osweiler.

If it was BOB decision, then the so called “quarterback whisperer” will no doubt own it once the season comes to an end.

For now, it’s Savage or bust from here on out as I see it. It’s the only way. Or could we see BOB go against conventional wisdom yet again and allow Osweiler an opportunity, albeit one that isn’t deserved, to again prove himself in another pivotal game for the franchise this season Saturday against the Bengals?

Time will tell.

However, it’s unclear still on who exactly is going to stand the test of time for the long haul. BOB, Smith or Osweiler.



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