By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars lost a heartbreaker as the Houston Texans came from behind to beat them 21-20.

After the game Jaguars, star rookie cornerback Jalen Ramsey made a point to call out the officiating during the Texans only touchdown drive.

“All I know is I started that drive with my mouthpiece on my helmet, I ended that drive and my mouthpiece was on their sideline, I’m not sure how that happens without getting called hands to the face but it did,” Jalen Ramsey said. “Specifically I want to call out, I don’t know his name, I don’t really care for it, field judge 104, by far the worst official in the NFL, he needs to be fired 100 percent, terrible, terrible, terrible.”

If that wasn’t enough Ramsey even implied the referees were in the Texans pocket.

“(Field judge 104) may be a kin to (DeAndre) Hopkins or something, I don’t know, he’s just a homer, I feel like the whole officiating crew they were homers,” Ramsey said.

The young corner was clearly frustrated with the Jaguars losing another close game.

After the game, DeAndre Hopkins shot down the implication that he’s related to officials.

“I understand he’s a young guy, he’s frustrated his team lost, but it’s the game of football, I definitely don’t have any family members that are referees,” DeAndre Hopkins told

Not only did Ramsey lose Sunday, but once the NFL gets wind of his words, he will likely be fined heavily as well.

Earlier this season Washington Redskins corner Josh Norman was fined 25,000 for specifically calling out an official, saying “you suck.”

Ramsey took it to an even higher level claiming an official needs to be fired.

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