The Houston Texans spent $37 million guaranteed on Brock Osweiler this offseason to try and fill the gap of a true difference maker at quarterback the Texans have been lacking since Matt Schaub was a Pro Bowler caliber player in 2010-2012.

That hasn’t worked out quite yet for the Texans as their offense has struggled and Osweiler has turned in bottom of the league numbers for a starting quarterback. CBS Sports analyst and former NFL quarterback Chris Simms joined In The Loop with John Lopez & Cody Stoots on SportsRadio 610 Thursday and didn’t hold back with his analysis on why the Texans aren’t going to see Osweiler turn it around.

“Do I ever think that Brock Osweiler can be like a Top-10 quarterback in football or even top half of the league? No, I don’t,” Simms told In The Loop. “When I evaluate Brock Osweiler the last two years, the common phrase I always use is: Do we pay a lot of money for receivers that aren’t fast? No usually not. So why would you pay a lot of money for a quarterback that can’t throw the ball at a consistent NFL level?

“I have legitimate concerns about, not only decision making but the physical ability in general. He’s certainly towards the bottom of the list in football as far as a natural thrower.”

Simms also isn’t as impressed with Texans top receiver DeAndre Hopkins, although saying that Osweiler is not helping him.

“(Hopkins’) best attribute is when he’s covered, you can throw him back shoulder and he’s got phenomenal hands and he’ll still catch the football,” Simms said. “And of course that is where Brock Osweiler struggles a little bit. Brock is not an accurate thrower of the football by any stretch of the imagination, especially outside the numbers, so that doesn’t help DeAndre Hopkins a whole lot either.”

Simms also doesn’t think it’s just Osweiler’s fault Hopkins is having a down year, he doesn’t believe Hopkins is even a number one wide out.

“He’s a really good football player. I’d love to have him on my football team but to say he’s an elite number one or even a legitimate number one I think that is a little bit of a stretch,” Simms said of Hopkins. “I think what he really is either a low-level number one or a really good number two.”

Simms thinks the lack of speed for Hopkins is why he isn’t an elite number one wideout, and one of the reasons the Texans looked to Will Fuller in the first round of the 2016 draft.



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