By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Texans headed to Green Bay on a snowy day on the Frozen Tundra (more on this in a minute), where they tried to snap a two-game losing streak.

They weren’t able to do that in a rough game that saw Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to a 6-6 record as the Texans fell to the same record. Here are the 12 best tweets we saw during the game.

CBS made this their Nationally Televised game, we’re not really sure why, but that meant Jim Nantz and Phil Simms on the call, which means some great Simms-isms.

Like this one.

With the snow falling the Houston Texans looked to get on the board on their first drive and were moving the ball until Ryan Griffin lost the ball after a hit in Packers territory.

The Texans got lucky and recovered a fumble at the 5-yard line when Aaron Rodgers fumbled the snap, so no points were lost to the Packers.

Whether the weather or just not having a good day, Brock Osweiler was harassed routinely in the backfield.

When it’s cold in Green Bay you find any way you can to stay warm, even if it means murdering a beloved children’s movie character to keep your head warm.

It wasn’t a highlight of the game by any means, but when the 40-year-old future Hall of Fame punter goes in and makes a tackle, it makes the TweetCap.

It didn’t seem like the Texans were doing anything as the first quarter ended 0-0 and the snow kept falling, many wondered if any offense would be seen.

The Texans saw Braxton Miller take a shot to the shoulder which could likely land another starting player on the injury list this week.

Then Johnathan Joseph went down on a play and the Texans watched another injury to a starter happen, because, you know, the season is going so well.

As the game went on Houston Rockets forward Sam Dekker was looking to listen to the game…we are going off the premise that he is rooting for the Texans, despite him growing up in Wisconsin and playing for the Badgers and being a lifelong Packers fan.

When the Packers went up 21-7 on a touchdown from their fullback Aaron Ripkowksi and Dekker tried to convince everyone in Wisconsin he still supports the Pack.

It’s not going to work.

The Texans actually tried (again) to make it a game again in the last two minutes when Osweiler found DeAndre Hopkins for a 44-yard touchdown. Yes, that DeAndre Hopkins. The one who used to be a lock for 100 yard games all the time.

But Nick Novak missed the extra point.

See what he did there?

And the Texans lost a fairly uneventful game 21-13.

Did you learn anything? Remember to hit us with #TweetCap on twitter next week when the Texans take on the Colts in Indianapolis.


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