By Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – When you think of perfect playing conditions for an NFL game, one of the last that comes to mind is Lambeau Field in the middle of a snow storm. But that’s what the Houston Texans are looking at with a 70 percent chance of snow forecasted for Sunday morning in Green Bay.

The passing game which has been more down than up this season has a chance to be scrapped in favor of a more cohesive running game if the snow indeed does hit.

Head coach Bill O’Brien Thursday who’s coached in just about every weather situation that can be imaged did share that mother nature can be a game changer.

“I remember one year we were playing in Buffalo when I was in New England, it was like 50-60 mph winds,” O’Brien said. “I think we ran 60 offensive plays in the game and I would say 50 of them were runs, you have to adjust to what the weather is, no doubt about it.”

When looking back at some memorable games that have been played in the snow, most are marked with amazing running performances.

Whether it was Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy springing free for 217 yards and two TD’s on the Detroit Loins back in 2013 or Cleveland Browns Jamal Lewis rumbling his way to 163 yards on the Buffalo Bills

This Sunday could be no different.

Beating the Green Bay Packers (in the snow) could take a superhuman performance.

The good news is the thunder and lightning that Alfred Blue and Lamar Miller provide as a tandem is back in action now that the second stringer is healthy after missing the past two games with a calf injury.

Miller on the season is averaging 4.2 yards a carry, but in the three games before Blue got hurt he had two of his better games in terms of yards per carry getting 5.5 a touch against the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

One of the biggest criticisms of the offense this season has been not leaning on the running game enough.

Sunday they could be forced to do just that. A passing game that O’Brien worked all week on could be null and void because of crazy weather conditions.

No one can prepare for a snow storm, but at the very least the Texans do have some weapons that can give them a chance.

It might not be the frozen tundra this Sunday but in a blanket of snow the running game that Miller and Blue offer could be enough to put the Texans over the top.


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