By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans are not winning the Super Bowl with Tom Savage next year.

I’m not breaking any news with the previous statement, but it does drive home how important the pursuit of Tony Romo is to the Texans 2017 season.

There is, of course, a chance Romo chooses to play elsewhere leaving the Texans facing questions yet again at the quarterback position.

The team apparently feels “comfortable” moving forward with Tom Savage as the quarterback should their Romo chase come up empty.

If the question is “What do we do if we don’t get Romo?” the answer cannot just be “start Tom Savage.”

Starting Savage cannot be the non-Romo plan. It very well could end up with being the option they end up with, but the Texans pursuit of a free agent quarterback can’t only be Romo.

Jay Cutler should be the non-Romo plan for the Texans. You know as well as I do the “personality concerns” associated with Cutler. There isn’t a “talent concern” with Cutler when comparing him to Savage, though. Cutler is better and gives the Texans a chance to win a Super Bowl in 2017. Savage doesn’t.

I understand Tom Savage has a much deeper and working knowledge of the team’s offense than anyone else the Texans could bring in. I understand Tom Savage has never taken a snap when the team was built to his suiting. I understand Savage would take care of the ball better than Cutler.

None of that matters. Even high functioning game manager Savage doesn’t make the Texans a Super Bowl contender. You have to have good QB play at least and preferably great QB play in the playoffs to win a championship.

With Savage at the helm a historic defense would be necessary and despite their success last year the team didn’t force turnovers at a high enough rate to justify having an offense that can’t score points get them to the mountain top.

That’s what the Texans want to do right? Win a championship? Settling for Savage after a failed Romo pursuit doesn’t strike me as a championship path.

Yes, J.J. Watt’s impending return could force more turnovers but Quintin Demps and A.J. Bouye departed in free agency and with them took seven of the team’s 11 interceptions.

Cutler would immediately become the most talented quarterback, as far as traits go, the Texans ever had. He is at times reckless with the football, he averages over 13 a season and has twice led the league. He also has a cannon for an arm, experience deep in the playoffs, and would be playing with the most talented team he has ever played on.

The deep bombs to Will Fuller would be more available than ever. Want to be able to get the ball to franchise wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on a regular basis and have him make huge plays? Cutler is no strangers to finding “the guy” in his pass catchers having played with Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery as his top target.

Savage has shown none of that. In fact, he’s only shown he gets hurt. Any extended playing time has led to an injury for Savage. The talent has never truly been showcased and injuries may always keep that from being the case. Even with health, Savage lacks the tools and experience Cutler possess.

Savage starting week one screams 9-7. The only positive that could come from it is the Texans get the early start on getting their rookie ready. Because they are drafting a rookie this season and if they don’t that shows continued malpractice of the depth chart.

Now, could they end up with Savage? Yes. They could end up with Savage and if Romo and Cutler both don other uniforms next season Savage becomes the next best option.

What would it then say about the Texans if Romo and Cutler both picked other places to ply their trade instead of a ready-made winner like the Texans?

That’s an article for another time, should we see that dark timeline.

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  1. Disagree vehemently that Cutler gives us any shot at the playoffs let alone a Superbowl run.

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