By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Texans kept their ability to win games at home going as they took down the Detroit Lions 20-13 on Sunday.  The game wasn’t the most exciting affair, which tends to be a trend with the Texans this season, but luckily twitter never disappoints.  Here are the 15 best tweets about the Texans vs. Lions game.

Matt Prater tried to start the scoring with a 49-yard field goal for the Lions, but he hit a side winder that went wide right of the south uprights.

The Texans were able actually put the first score on a touchdown pass from Osweiler to CJ Fiedorowicz!

The Texans continued to look solid on offense and DeAndre Hopkins showed why you just need to throw it in his vacinity to have a chance at a big play.

The Bengals and Redskins game in London helped keep commercial breaks to a minimum for the Texans game, and with not a ton happening on the field, fans sure enjoyed the faster pace on TV.

However, for some at the game, it wasn’t quite as interesting.

The injures were mounting out up for the Texans. C.J. Fiedorowicz, Jaelen Strong, Will Fuller, Alfred Blue, Vince Wilfork and Lonnie Ballentine all were hurt and went to the locker room at one point. Blue and Fiedorowicz returned.  The Ballentine News was not something In The Loop’s Cody Stoots wanted to hear.  His man-crush on Ballentine is well documented.

The Texans defense was solid most of the game, but when Jadeveon Clowney finally broke through for a sack, everyone felt great for the kid who is having a solid yhear.

Even on the sideline the coaches were so happy.

But then Osweiler did what he seems to do once a game and forced a ball into coverage toward DeAndre Hopkins.

Isn’t Halloween awesome. People just dress ridiculous and no one questions it.

We’re not sure what this next tweet really means, but we have it in our TweetCap contract to include one Seth Payne tweet every week. We liked this one.

People can’t help but notice Osweiler’s habit of staring down Hopkins on those interceptions, with the Texans having a chance late to put the game away, they were not able to hook up and had to settle for a field goal.

The Texans however were able to get some big time runs when they needed them late in the fourth quarter, with a banged up Lamar Miller doing a good job, but also his backup Alfred Blue picking up some key first downs.

The Texans were able to win their 5th game at home of the season and will enter the bye week 5-3.

We’ll all see you in Jacksonville week 10.  Have a good one.  And remember, #TweetCap any good tweets you have or see so we can find them and put them in for the next game.


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