The Houston Texans went into a big Monday Night Football matchup in Denver with their quarterback Brock Osweiler trying to show his former team what they’re missing.  For Brock, it didn’t go quite as good as he would have hoped, as the Broncos smashed the Texans 27-9 and Osweiler looked awful.

On The DA Show on CBS Sports Radio 650 Jason LaConfora said that Osweiler’s choice to leave the Broncos did not sit well with some of his former teammates who faced off against him on Monday Night.

“Well, it’s rare that you have multiple players going on the record, including Aqib Talib, saying, ‘We thought he was with us. He reneged on us. He’s not who we thought he was,’” CBS Sports NFL insider Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports Radio’s The DA Show. “They clearly feel like he took the money instead of staying where he could win. Now that’s professional sports, I would say. That happens quite often. That’s usually the case, and there’s no shame in that and players recognize that. But there’s something personal about this. I think they (felt like), ‘We had all these pieces around you and we put you in a situation where you looked somewhat viable because of all of us. And then you’re going to leave us – after winning a Super Bowl and having that handed to you – to go to Houston where they’ve never won anything? Where they look (shaky) anytime they have to play anybody legitimate? And you’re going to go to that press conference and say you’ve came here because you think they’re a winning franchise? And because of what Bob McNair has built there and Bill O’Brien and all these guys who have never won anything?

“So I think clearly it rubbed people the wrong way, from John Elway all the way on down,” La Canfora continued. “They felt like they had $15 million and a great situation sitting there for this kid, where all he’d have to do is manage the game a little bit and he’d be a hero. He chose to go to Houston for $6 million more guaranteed over the first two years of the deal. Again, normally guys would say, ‘Hey, we get it. It’s a business.’ But you got Brandon Marshall saying, ‘We want to kill him,’ and you got Aqib Talib saying, ‘He reneged on us.’ That’s not the normal sort of du jour talk you hear leading up to Week 7. This isn’t even a playoff game, for goodness’ sake.”

After an incident that came out last week of Osweiler and head coach Bill O’Brien getting in an argument might because of the QB’s attitude.

“I think a little bit,” La Canfora said. “I think a little bit. It was actually my report about his blow-up with O’Brien and the sense on that Texans coaching staff that he hasn’t really been coached that hard before – and O’Brien certainly is not afraid to coach people hard. I think the average NFL fan (became aware of him) when he got into it with Tom Brady and was going jaw to jaw with him on the sidelines back when he was with the Patriots’ staff. So I think it’s been a bit of a culture clash. There’s some people who feel like Osweiler maybe feels a little entitled here and he’s making all this money. He was a barely functional game manager for seven weeks with a historically significant defense last season. Now it’s kind of like, ‘Well, I’m the man.’ Well, yeah, your contract says you’re the man, but you’ve got to go out now and live up to that contract – and that certainly hasn’t happened to any degree. But yeah, I don’t know that he’s endeared himself to people right off the bat.”


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