By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently has brought “locker room talk” into the front of people’s minds with his comments he made to Billy Bush of the Today show years ago.

Many pro athletes have come out against Trump’s assertion that his controversial comments are normal in locker rooms.

One of the most notable players in the NBA, LeBron James called Trump’s comments “trash talk.”

In Houston, left tackle Duane Brown shared that nothing Trump said is considered normal banter among NFL players.

“That doesn’t go on in here, we don’t go up and grab anything,” Brown said. “We keep it very clean.”

Jadeveon Clowney also denied Trump’s claim that his comments are locker room talk.

“We keep it clean, I don’t know where he gets that from,” Clowney said. “I got to check him on that, we don’t use that tone in here.”

Comments (2)
  1. Richard W. Brandlon says:

    What on earth would Trump know about real men?A spoiled, pampered brat with a messiah complex who wouldn’t win a battle of wits with a pile of laundry.

    1. Jeff Prince says:

      Who’s he think he’s foolin’ anyway? That man don’t spend much time in locker rooms…unless they’re being used as the dressing room for Miss Teen USA…

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