By Garret Heinrich

J.J. Watt stars in a new commercial for Bose’s new noise cancelling headphones with Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman and MIT student John Urschel.  Urschel is working on his Ph.D at the prestigious school during the offseason, so his brain is probably one of the few in the NFL that actually understands how the noise cancelling technology works.

In the commercial Watt, enjoying a beverage at a coffee house is approached by Urschel to see if the three-time defensive player of the year wants to know how the new headphones work.  Watt, cares not.  But Urschel wants to share his knowledge then proceeds to use the technology to ignore Urschel and listen to Right On (feat. Ms. Charm Taylor) by Galactic.

That sneaky J.J. Watt, getting the best of an offensive lineman, again.


  1. No need to be condescending to athletes, many of whom are quite into music and understand the issues of phase cancellation. It’s really the level of an introductory high school physics discussion.

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