By Jeremy Branham

Houston (CBS Houston) – With news of J.J. Watt being placed on injured reserve rippling through the Texans locker room, there have been two common themes from the players, disappointment that Watt is injured but that the next man has to step up.

Both head coach Bill O’Brien and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel were non committal on who would be the main guy used in Watt’s role. They did say, however, that it would more than likely be a combination of guys at both left defensive end, and a collective effort to try and match his production.

No matter what happens Texan players are sad that Watt had a setback, but know that the season isn’t over. Here’s what several players had to say.

“J.J.’s a guy that you can’t replace. His body of work is second to none. Obviously, he’s a tremendous football player, but he’s an even better teammate and he will certainly be missed.” – Brock Osweiler

“This is the National Football League, big time players get put on I.R. every single year. Every single team will face adversity at some point in their season, and it really just boils down to the next man up mentality.” – Brock Osweiler

“J.J. is one heck of a player, I’m pretty sure he’s going to do what he has to do to come back and help this team.” – DeAndre Hopkins

“He’s a friend, more than just a teammate. Anytime a friend can’t do what they love to do, you feel for them.” – DeAndre Hopkins

“As someone that’s been on I.R. twice and been through it, and knowing how much the game means to him, trying to give all the support I can to him. I’m upset for him, I know how frustrated he is.” – Brian Cushing

“This is the National Football League, you got to get over stuff quick. This team has a ton of talent, and we prepared the whole preseason without J.J., we know what it’s like. Obviously we are losing a key player, but other guys have to step up. It’s not going to be one guy, it’s collectively going to be a group effort.” – Brian Cushing

“Man I love that kid, I don’t think he even knows how much I love him. No replacement at all, I’m just here to help out the team however I can.” – Antonio Smith

“When I heard the news last night, it was kind of devastating.” – Antonio Smith

“It’s a team effort, it’s never just a one man thing. As dominant as he is, but you have to have it as a team effort.” – Charles James

“As long as we continue to do what’s asked of us, do our jobs. Try to do our job, and not try to over compensate for each other, especially over compensate for people that aren’t going be playing.” – Christian Covington

“He’s a good friend, he’s a teammate so anytime you have a teammate that goes down, you’re going to feel hurt.” – Christian Covington

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