By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Texans lost their star defensive player J.J. Watt on Wednesday due to a back injury. Watt hurt his back in 2015, but played through the pain of a herniated disk to help lead the Texans to a 9-7 record and an AFC South Division title.  Watt then waited, because he felt the back was better, until July to have surgery on that herniated disc that kept him out of the entire 2016 training camp and pre-season.  But Watt is a warrior with a work ethic that is hardly matched by anyone and he made it back to start the 2016 season on the field for the Texans.

But just after 3 short weeks, he’s gone. He’s off the field and possibly not returning until 2017 after aggravating the injury he’d thought he’d recovered from twice.  But why did it happen? Why is there no more J.J. Watt (There will always be J.J. Watt. We have Papa Johns, Gatorade, H.E.B to bring him into our lives constantly)?

I took to Social Media on Tuesday Night and Wednesday after the news broke to see what kind of answers I could find to “Why Did J.J. Watt Hurt His Back Again?”

1. He Rushed Back:

According to Texans head coach Bill O’Brien, Watt did everything he was supposed to after his back surgery.

“J.J. did everything, absolutely everything he could do get back on the field after surgery this summer. He followed his doctor’s orders. He played it smart. He passed every test before being cleared to play.”

So it doesn’t seem that Watt rushed back to soon. If the doctor’s and teams were happy with his progress and J.J. felt good, no reason for him to be out there.

2. Bill O’Brien’s Fault

Well, they couldn’t KNOW it was going to happen, they aren’t psychic. But like I said above, Watt did everything he was supposed to get back, and as long as he passes his physical tests and is cleared by the doctor’s, there is no reason for Bill O’Brien to keep the best player on his team off the field.”

3. Karma

This doesn’t even make any sense. Like J.J. Watt would ever do anything to make Karma mad. Karma loves J.J. Watt. J.J. Watt is so good Karma, makes bad things happen to good people just so J.J. Watt can look better.  Just another Cowboys fan all mad they haven’t done anything relevant for 20 years. Also, your ‘i” is upside down. Idiots.

4. Hillary Clinton

Plausible. (Fact Checked: Not Actually Plausible)

5. Focus Elsewhere

Okay, let’s calm down a bit. J.J. Watt cares about nothing more than football.  Yes Watt wants to get into movies when he retires, was in a movie this year, hosted an awards show, launched a new shoe, recorded commericals (more here), and did a lot of other things in the offseason, but to question J.J. Watt’s WANT to play football is as crazy as saying Hillary Clinton caused this.

6. This Is The NFL And Players Get Hurt

I don’t have a tweet, or facebook post or comment to back this up, but I have a quote from Bill O’Brien, does that do anything for you?

“It’s the National Football League. Sixteen one-game seasons. This is week 4. Injuries occur.”

Well. That seems to be the best answer I could possibly find for “Why J.J. Watt Hurt His Back Again?” The Houston Texans and J.J. Watt have been incredibly lucky that he played 83 straight games to start his career.  It doesn’t happen that often.  He’s not Shane Lechler (224 consecutive starts, longest streak in the NFL).



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