By: Alex Del Barrio, Sportsradio 610By Alex Del Barrio

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – JJ Watt said on Tuesday that he couldn’t remember what happened to his custom Houston Texans letterman jacket that he and his team wore for a road trip to New England that saw the Texans get throttled 42-14.

The jackets bring back a time he does not think of fondly.

“Those are some bad memories,” Watt said Tuesday.

Asked if he still had the jacket somewhere in his home Watt said, “I don’t think so. I hope not. I don’t want to bring that back up at all. Those were some bad days.”

The Texans went into New England 11-1 and came back a team that looked my like a pretender in the AFC instead of a contender. That was later solidified when the Texans lost in the post season to New England 41-18.

While the original jacket hasn’t be found, an eBay search found an item available for the “But It Now” price of $165 that looks eerily similar to the one Watt wore in 2012. You can click here to see the item here.

The jacket sadly is not the authentic one Watt wore in 2012.  However, it is a very close replica. It is a size medium, and while JJ likes to wear clothing of the “tight-fitting” persuasion, it is unlikely he could fit into a medium sized letter jacket at 6’5″ 289 pounds. jjebay Fake J.J. Watt Letterman Jacket Appears On eBay

One other variance is the “DE” patch does not match the one Watt wore. You can see in the picture below Watt’s jacket patch was “DL”

If you are a Watt fan or a fan of Houston heartbreak memorabilia, then this is the E-bay listing for you.

source: twitter

source: twitter

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