By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – Ever say out loud “man that play Jonathan Grimes made was huge!!!” if not you have certainly thought it.

During Wednesday’s media availably head coach Bill O’Brien took it a step farther.

“Probably one of the unsung hero’s of our team,” Bill O’Brien said of the contributions from Grimes, “he does his job quietly, he does it well, he’s a solid player, offensively he’s a very smart player and he understands his role offensively.”

During Sunday’s win over the Kansas City Chiefs, one of the biggest plays made wasn’t a touchdown or a sack. It was a simple catch in the fourth quarter.

3rd and 6 on the 48-yard line Grimes caught a pass from Brock Osweiler and took it for 13 yards, giving the team a fresh set of downs and put them near field goal range. It wasn’t the most amazing catch you will see, but it moved the chains on the day the offense did not have the greatest times on the field.

“Johnny on the spot that’s me, Johnny, on the spot, you know I like that,” Jonathan Grimes told of his role with the team, “it’s an interesting role and you just always got to be ready and be alert.”

The Texans don’t count on Grimes the way they do with Lamar Miller, but his role is still just as valuable. He is a guy that gives the good pass catching, he can also make defenders miss in the run game, he pass blocks well and he plays a mean special teams.

Grimes won’t carry the ball 20 times a game, but he almost always will make a winning play.


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