By Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – Wednesday in Panama, Lourdes Gurriel baseball’s next big time international free agent had his showcase in front of a reported 30 scouts from around the major leagues.

No word if the Houston Astros were among those in attendance, but chances are pretty high that they are one of the teams that very interested in signing Yulieski Gurriel’s younger brother.

“I would love for him to be here, it would be a dream,” Yulieski Gurriel told through a translator when asked about playing with his brother, “obviously it’s out of our control whether that could happen or not, but I would love to have him here.”

Lourdes after his showcase shared the same dream telling reporters in Panama that he’d love to play in Houston.

Before Lourdes’s big day Yulieski told him to just to relax and do what he knows.

“Don’t feel pressure because there is scouts around,” Yulieski said when asked about the advice he gave Lourdes, “just play your game and you’ll be fine.”

Afterwords Yulieski said he was happy with what his younger brother was able to do in front of all those in attendance.

“He had a good day,” Yulieski said, “he said he felt good, he felt relaxed, he had good results out on on the field, so we are happy.”

Lourdes is a unique talent, at 6’3 and 185 pounds he looks to be more athletic than his older brother.

“He’s a complete athlete,” Yulieski said describing Lourdes, “he can run, he can throw, he can hit, play all the positions, any team I feel would be really lucky to have him.”

Baseball reference has Lourdes playing six seasons in the Cuban national series and in a little under 1,000 at-bats, he holds a .277 batting average.

Lourdes doesn’t have the same eye-popping numbers his older brother has, but he will have plenty of suitors when it comes to sign.

So far in the Astros history, they have yet to have two brothers play on the same team. If it was up to Lourdes and Yulieski they would become the first.


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