By Garret Heinrich

The NFL has finally got the support of the internet social media giant Twitter and received hashflags or hashtag emojis for every team in the NFL.

A hashtag emoji is an emoji that shows up on twitter when a specific hashtag is used. They are normally time sensitive. We don’t know yet if the hashtag emojis are sticking around all year or if they are just for week one.

The Houston Texans hashtag emoji is #WeAreTexans. It will show up with the Texans bull logo next to it when used on Twitter.

The Dallas Cowboys (#DallasCowboys), New England Patriots (#Patriots), Jacksonville Jaguars (#Jaguars), Kansas City Chiefs (#Chiefs) Denver Broncos (#Broncos) and San Diego Chargers (#Chargers) are the six teams that do not have anything other than their name as the hashtag.

Some other notable hashtags are the Saints going with #Saints50 rather than #WhoDat which is their normal battle cry in New Orleans. The Los Angeles Rams have #MobSquad, which we’re not sure what that has to do with the Rams or their team. Their emoji is also not their logo, but the letters “LA” with ram horns coming out of the side.

The Seahawks (#WeAre12) also don’t feature their primary logo with just the number 12 in a blue square as their emoji. The Vikings also don’t have their logo as their emoji. Instead when #Skol is used a small Viking helmet is featured instead of the traditional Viking head Minnesota uses. “Skol” apparently means “cheers” in a number of Nordic languages and is used by Vikings fans as “Skol Vikings” as a cheer. Also, the Chargers have a lightning bolt for their emoji, but it is very different from their helmet logo.

The other AFC South teams have #ForTheShoe (Colts), #TitanUp (Titans) and as stated above #Jaguars.

Here are all the hashtag emojis that can be used on twitter.


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