By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – The Houston Texans defense will get their first true test this Sunday when they are tasked with slowing down the connection between former pro-bowlers in Alshon Jeffery and Jay Culter.

The Chicago Bears new look offense, for the first time in years not, feature workhorse running back Matt Forte. Expect them to try and air out the ball as much as possible.

Culter will no doubt be looking Jeffery’s way most of the game. The Bears number one wideout is one of the best receivers in the league and possesses some elite skills.

“His ability to make contested catches and attack the ball with his hands, just a natural catcher, real big body, tough to get around guys like that and make plays,” Kevin Johnson said of Jeffery’s game.

The defense during the preseason did well shutting down opposing offensives, and they hope the Bears will be no different.

“We just need to play technically sound, play within the scheme,” Johnson said when asked how to guard against the taller Jeffery, “the coaches are going to put us in a great position to make plays when our number is called we are going to have to make them.”

Even if the Texans have good coverage it’s well within Jeffery and Culter’s skillset to pull off the great plays.

“With Cutler throwing him the ball, Cutler can make every throw on the field so he’ll defiantly give (Jeffery) a chance to go up and get some balls,” Kareem Jackson told, “we just have to be as close as we can in coverage and try and make it tough on him at the line of scrimmage.”

The good news for the Texans defense and the bad news for anyone playing them is that all-pro defensive J.J. Watt looks to be on track to play.

During the preseason you saw flashes from the Texans defense, getting pressure and creating turnovers at a very high rate. That was all without Watt too.

Against the Bears one-two punch in Culter and Jeffery, it will take a complimentary effort from the defense to have success.

“The coverage and the rush go hand and hand, both have to be good,” Jackson said, sharing that it’s just not the front seven that has to create pressure, the back of the defense has to hold their own.

The Bears might not be considered one of the NFL’s best teams or greatest offenses but last year the Texans team had a lot of promise going into the season and it took seven games for them to finally wake up.

Cutler and Jeffery offer the Texans their first chance to prove that they are in fact the defense that finished the regular season last year.


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