By Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – Rookie third basemen Alex Bregman has enjoyed a resurgence from the rough start to his Houston Astros career. In the last 24 games, Bregman has a .307 batting average, a stark contrast from the .031 he hit during his first eight games.

You can pretty much pinpoint the moment when it finally started to click (at least numbers wise) for Bregman and the hard hit line drives started dropping for hits.

August third seems to be the date of the turnaround when the Astros gave him an off day. In the midst of a 1 for 32 slump, the pressure had to be building inside of him. A great hitter in college and in the minor’s, the start of Bregman career was not off to the way everyone had hoped.

In the very next game, he collected a hit, and ever since it’s pretty much been a complete revisal from his early misfortunate.

“I feel back to normal,” Alex Bregman told of his hot bat of late.

With 20 RBI’s, 5 home runs, and 9 doubles in the past 24 games, he’s helped make the top of the Astros order even scarier. All year long the second spot in the order has been a mix of different batters offering different skills, but Bregman has taken hold of the top of the order spot, and it’s likely his for years to come.

“We’ve been looking forward to him since the day we drafted him….,” A.J. Hinch said of Bregman, “Offensively I wanted him at the top of the order even in the middle of the 1 for 32, so I’m a big believer.”

His full-season numbers still reflect the awfully painful start he had to his career with a .237 batting average but it’s clear the Bregman you see now is a much different player.

Bregman credits his revival to mechanical changes he made, not just an off day to clear his mind. When he was first called up to the Astros from Triple-A he was in the middle of a 0-11 slump which ended up carrying over to the start of his Major League career. After changes to his mechanics, the player you now see in the batters box is the guy that you have heard about ever since the team drafted him.

“I just had to make some changes and once those changes were made I felt more comfortable,” Bregman said, “baseball is a consistent game of adjustments and you got to keep making adjustments, cause the pitcher is going to keep trying different ways to get you out.”

With a final 29 games to go and the Astros only one game out of the second wild card, a Bregman that is on fire will go a long way to helping Houston get back to playoffs for the second year in a row.


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