HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) — Judging by Texans head coach Bill O’Brien’s thoughts on the matter, no Texans player will be sitting down for the National Anthem.

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick spurred a national conversation when he sat for the song’s pre-game playing before San Francisco’s preseason game last Friday against Green Bay.

O’Brien was asked about the situation Monday during his weekly press conference. While the answer was diplomatic, there was no mistaking his position.

“We encourage our players to stand for the National Anthem, to honor their country and that’s the way we handle it,” the third-year Texans coach emphasized. “I’m not going to speak about any other team. I know the league issued a statement on it.

“I know that [owner] Mr. McNair, myself and [general manager] Rick Smith are big believers in standing for the National Anthem.”

O’Brien followed that up by saying he is merely “a football coach” but refrained from directly addressing 49ers internal approach to the backup quarterback’s gesture.

“I’m in charge of coaching the Houston Texans, so I’m not going to comment on any other team.”


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