DeAndre Hopkins Goes On A Twitter AMA And It Was Great

Houston Texans star receiver is getting ready for this fourth season in the NFL and it is poised to be a big one for the 2013 first round draft pick. “Nuke” took to twitter on Wednesday night to answer the questions of his followers in a Reddit-style Ask Me Anything sort of way. Here is what we learned from D-Hop.

What is DeAndre’s favorite food?

Very Garfield like, we can feel that.  But we know DeAndre doesn’t hate Mondays.  He’s got two of them he needs to perform on this season.

Favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

Django is excellent (the D is silent, unlike DeAndre) but we probably lean towards Pulp Fiction.

Favorite team outside of football?

I am just putting this out there and going to believe it with all our hearts. He means Tottenham Hotspurs from the English Premier League.  We know Hopkins loves soccer. But As Cody Stoots pointed out he follows the San Antonio variety.

I am still sticking with it being the English variety.  Who doesn’t love goals like this from Dele Alli:

Ketchup on fries or dip them? 

Questionable putting ketchup on fries at all. But whatever. To each their own.

Gucci or Kodak?

Honestly, don’t know what this is referencing.  Gucci is clothes, shoes, bags. Kodak is film. Am I way off?

A little football question: How’s Jalen Strong looking?

A1 we do get.  It means he’s doing great.

Favorite Memory while at Clemson?

That sounds fantastic,  day glow parties on awesome, putting them on a lake makes them better.

If he didn’t play football what would he do?

1. Cash Cow. 2. Unlimited Chicken Nuggets.

Would he ever cut his dreads?

You don’t cut what makes you powerful. And we all know he draws power and great hands from the dreads.

What does he want to do after football?

First, more evidence he is a Tottenham fan. Second, watch out Tyler Deric.

What is his all time favorite classic car?

You can’t beat the original ‘vette.  That baby is a classic beauty and is never the wrong answer.

One thing that surprised Nuk about Brock Osweiller?

Brock did fly wide receivers and Tom Savage to Arizona in the offseason to work with them before the team could meet and practice together.

Better WR in their prime: Rice or Moss? 

I just can’t, I can’t.  Let’s see about this last question…

Best food truck in Houston?

That is a good one.  He has redeemed himself mostly.

We wish more athletes would do things like this, but a good look into DeAndre’s thought process.

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