Colby Rasmus Had Been Slowed By Problems With His Ear

CBS Houston – Wednesday Houston Astros outfielder Colby Rasmus broke out of his 0-29 slump in a big way. He clobbered a 2-1 splitter off of New York Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka for a massive two-run homer, taking the ball on an estimated 462-foot ride.

It was a sore sight to see, Rasmus for a while has not been the same player he was just a month ago, in June batting .313.

After the Astros 4-1 over the Yankees, Rasmus opened up about how rough it was for him during his slump, sharing his struggles might have been because his right ear has been bothering him.

“I felt good today,” Colby Rasmus said, “I got my ear kinda toned down.”

The Astros slugger went on to say that he has a cholesteatoma.

“Like a cyst in the inner-ear and a hole in my ear drum,” Rasmus said explaining what is wrong with his ear after he had a cat-scan on Tuesday, “while it was big and infected and everything was going on with it, it hindered me a little bit, and got me feeling bad.” describes a cholesteatoma as a “noncancerous” skin growth that takes place behind the eardrum. Some of the side effects of this condition are a loss of hearing, balance, and the function of facial muscles.

The eardrum is a very key part of helping people maintain balance, and Rasmus admitted when his ear become inflamed it was affecting him on the field.

“If you were watching my swing was kinda changing their day to day, and I wasn’t feeling it,” Rasmus said.

In the month of July, Rasmus has missed nine games and when he has played, he has struck out at a very high rate.

This is an issue that he admitted he’ll eventually need surgery on, but he is hoping, with the help of some good ear drops he might have solved this problem for the rest of the season.

Rasmus last year was a big part of the team’s success, in the final month of the regular season, he hit .289 to go with a massive 1.000 OPS.

The Astros need his bat, in the month of July this year even with his homer Wednesday night he is only batting .070, now that he is feeling ok, hopefully, they will get more of a helpful Rasmus down the stretch.

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