[WATCH] Jose Altuve Singing Backstreet Boys Before Astros Game

Little known fact about Sean Pendergast — a favorite pastime for me and my girlfriend, Amy, is to go to bars with jukeboxes that can be controlled via iPhone and program a slew of “guilty pleasure” songs into the playlist. Keep in mind, our guilty pleasures are “no pleasures” for many people, so it gets kind of humorous watching the baffled, sometimes infuriated, reactions of the bar patrons.

One time, at an unnamed ice house over on White Oak, we put in so many crappy songs in a row (we even had the theme from “Growing Pains” in there, that’s how bad it got) that one of the 65-year-old rednecks at the bar went over to change things up, and in the middle of his doing that, I did a “pay extra to bump to the front of the line” on La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. The old dude’s buddies thought he punched up that song, and I thought they were going to murder him on the spot.

Yeah, my jukebox hijack move almost got a man killed.

I say all this because my signature song to announce my presence with authority when hijacking a jukebox is, was, and always will be “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. It’s a catchy tune that ultimately gets at least 40 percent of the people in any bar bopping and singing along. This is an incontrovertible scientific fact. That song, guilty as the pleasure may be, is awesome.

So finally, live from the Astros clubhouse on Monday, we received confirmation of the song’s greatness. Courtesy of Lance McCullers’ Instagram account, here is the summer mayor of Houston, Jose Altuve, belting out this American treasure of a tune…..

Jose Altuve for AL MVP? Um, Jose Altuve, for freaking President of the Universe!

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