By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Wednesday during Paul Gallant’s fine radio program, “Gallant at Night”, he surely misspoke as he besmirched the french fries at Whataburger.

That led to a twitter discussion, fight really, between Paul, myself, Josh Beard (Gallant at night producer and host 11-3 on Saturdays), Patrick Creighton (host of Nate and Creight on Sundays 2-5), Alex Del Barrio (host 3-7 on Saturdays) and Garret the web guy (web guy) about the best fast food french fries.

We now embark on the definitive, unchallenged, SportsRadio 610 fast food french fries ranking according to Cody Stoots.

1. Chick-fil-A waffle fries

This one is easy for me. The most consistent. The tastiest. Still good warm or cold. Perfect amount of seasoning. Never greasy. The best to eat plain and dry.

2. Arby’s/Jack in the Box curly fries

A total wildcard here. Either place brings it with the non-straight french fries. You also get a tremendous variety of the fries. The seasoning and crunch is better than almost any regular bunch of fries.

3. Whataburger

King in the South. Perfectly salted. Always a good variety of longer and short. The texture is impeccable. The reason they aren’t higher is because they aren’t good cold. Even warm they struggle. When they’re hot, they are tough to beat.

4. McDonald’s

Haven’t changed much at all because it never needed to change much at all. Can run into a little too much salt sometimes but the classics are hard to beat.

5. Checkers/Rally’s

Seasoned. Crispy. Uniform in size. Not easy to find, but when found, boom, they’re money. Bonus that they offer the options to add ranch, chili, and cheese to them. Although, a little ketchup will do just fine.

6. In-N-Out french fries animal style*

These only make it due to animal style. When that bed of fries come out slathered with spread, onions, cheese. My goodness. A fork is probably the polite way to eat this but I intend to approach this much like the name. An animal. It is delicious, but, I will tell you this, without the animal style? These fries can go kick rocks.

467. Wendy’s

They were bad before. They’re worse now. The only redeeming thing is you can dip them in a chocolate frosty. Chocolate is the only frosty flavor. Only serial killers get a vanilla frosty.

845. Burger King

See above. Bad before. They changed them. Still stink. The best fries at this establishment are the chicken fries which aren’t french fries at all.

Please direct your complaints about this to each of the people involved’s twitter accounts. You can find those by clicking on their names in the opening. My twitter account is below. Happy eating.

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