HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The year is 2013, the Texans have just made the playoffs for the second time and lost to the Patriots, and Rick Smith is the team’s general manager.

Explanation of grading:

Great – Transformative move that had a positive multi-year effect on the team

Good – Positive move that had at least one year of impact for the team

Meh – Moves that were neither hugely positive or negative. Late round draft picks with no other real options.

Bad – Negative moves that had half season or full season negative impact. Picks/signings when reasonably believable upgrades were available

Terrible – Multi-year negative effects. Picks/signings when significant talent could have been found instead.

These moves are not looked at as much in the moment, as how we now see them in history. No use in trying to remember how we felt at the moment, that was covered extensively at the time.


3/22 Signed S Ed Reed to a three-year $15 million contract

Reed was fresh off a Super Bowl championship with the Ravens where the team let him walk after his contract expired. He was 33.

Grade – Terrible

This move, in itself, was horrific as Reed was hurt and then was terrible when he finally played. Combine this with the fact the team also let Glover Quinn walk in free agency to get Reed and you wish there was a grade lower than terrible.

3/23 Signed P Shane Lechler

Lechler had just finished an extended stay with the Raiders. He was 35.

Grade – Meh

Lechler hasn’t been great and he hasn’t been bad.

2013 NFL Draft

Round 1 – WR DeAndre Hopkins, Clemson

The 27th overall pick

Grade – Great

Another first round steal for Smith. He is already one of the best in the NFL. His early years weren’t amazing but the quick ascent earns the grade.

Round 2 – S D.J. Swearinger,  South Carolina

The 57th overall pick

Grade – Bad

Swaggg didn’t stick around long and when he was on the field the results were mediocre.

Round 3 – OT Brennan Williams, UNC


The 89th overall pick

Grade – Bad

Williams never got on the field due to injury.

Round 3 – DE Sam Mongomery, LSU

The 95th overall pick

Grade – Terrible

Mongomery was often evaluated as a future undrafted free agent. The LSU strength and conditioning coach once listed him by name as a player who didn’t work hard off the field. He was cut the same year for smoking weed in a hotel on a team trip.

Round 4 – DE Trevardo Williams, Connecticut

The 124th overall pick

Grade – Bad

Williams couldn’t stay healthy and then couldn’t make the transition to OLB.

Round 6 – T David Quessenberry, San Jose State

The 176th overall pick

Grade – Meh

Was set to compete for a spot on the offensive line prior to his cancer diagnosis. Is still with the team.

Round 6 – WR Alan Bonner, Jacksonville State

The 195th overall pick

Grade – Meh

This late you can’t fault Smith. Bonner hung around for a while but injuries and age caught up with him.

Round 6 – DT Chris Jones, Bowling Green

The 198th overall pick

Grade – Terrible

The Texans cut him before training camp was over and he was a rotational player for the Patriots shortly after. The grade is not for the pick, obviously, he was good, the grade is for not keeping him.

Round 6 – TE Ryan Griffin

The 201st overall pick

Grade – Meh

Close to good but with injuries and inconsistencies hard to upgrade it.

Running Tally:

Great – 11

Good – 18

Meh – 31

Bad – 10

Terrible – 20


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