My partner John Lopez tells me to never bury the lead, as he so often did in his writing career, so I will take that advice and get right to it: I’m leaving SportsRadio 610 to move to Los Angeles and do a new TV show with FS1. In many ways, this is dream come true for me and I couldn’t be more excited about this new challenge and new opportunity. However, I will have plenty of time to talk about what I’ll be doing and who I’ll be doing it within the coming days and weeks. Right now, I really just want to say this: Thank You.

Thank You to the amazing listeners of SportsRadio 610 and the people of Houston. You guys embraced me–a liberal, idiosyncratic, recovering addict and, worst of all, a Yankee–and made me feel like one of your own. You guys shopped with my wife and cheered for my son in basketball. You guys wished me well when my youngest was born and asked for encores when my daughter sang on our radio show. When I was out in the city you guys would tell me how much you liked the show, or, sometimes, what an idiot I was. But no matter the reaction to the show, you guys listened, and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you for listening enough that In the Loop became the top-rated sports talk show in all of Houston by the 3rd month of its existence, and, according to the most recent ratings, will be the top-rated sports talk show in all of Houston in the final month of its existence. While I take tremendous pride in this accomplishment, it wouldn’t be possible without you guys, and, most importantly, it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing team at SportsRadio 610, most notably, the kindest man I’ve ever met: John Lopez.

Thank you, Johnny, for being the greatest partner I’ve ever had and a second father to me. Thank you for always accepting me for who I am and for giving me priceless advice on fatherhood and marriage and life that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. Thank you for never once, at least not yet, punching me in the face during one of our absurd debates. Thank you for allowing me to be me on the air, even when it came at your expense because I didn’t know any other way to be. And, most importantly, thank you for being an example for me each and every day of what a truly good man should be and aspires to be. You’re my best friend in the world and I love you so very much. With all that said, In the Loop didn’t really become In the Loop until Robert and Jimmy came along.

Thank you, Robert and Jim, for filling critical voids in the show when it had begun to struggle. Robert, your acting chops aside, you’re a total pro in every aspect of the business and your willingness to take our crap and to play an invaluable role on the show probably goes overlooked by many, but not to the people that matter. And thank you, Jimmy, for adding humor to a show that so desperately needed it and for always rolling with whatever we threw at you. You are going to sit on the other side of the glass very soon, and that is a show that I will tune in for wherever I can. John, Robert and Jim have become my work family, but none of this is possible without my actual family.

Thank you, Danielle, Damonza, Diorra & Deanna, for picking up and leaving KC four years ago when Gavin Spittle and SportsRadio 610 came calling and never questioning where my career would take us. Thank you, Danielle, for being the greatest wife anyone could ever ask for and for dealing with all your business being shared with the city on a nearly daily basis. Thank you Damonza, Diorra & Deanna for inspiring me every day to be the very best person and parent I can be. I can’t ever do enough to deserve a family as great as you guys. Our lives have been forever changed by the people at CBS and SportsRadio 610, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

Thank you, Gavin Spittle, Sarah Frazier, Ryan McCredden, Garret Heinrich, Laura Reynolds and everyone on the management side that brought me to Houston, that stood by me during good and bad times, that had my back unequivocally during the Adrian Peterson fiasco and ensuing legal battle and that have given me every opportunity to succeed. You all have been a wonderful group to work for, and, as you know, have assembled an amazing team.

Thank you, to that great team: Mike Meltser, who I’ve been great friends with for a decade and who first told me that this job was coming open four years ago; Seth Payne, who is as natural a radio talent as I’ve come across and will do whatever he wants to do in the business; Ted Johnson, who I had the pleasure of hosting a national show with and who has been one of my best friends in this business, despite me almost driving him out of the business during an ill-fated None Of Your Business three years ago; Sean Pendergast, who can literally do anything in our industry and do it at a very high level; Rich Lord, who was always so nice to me despite my less than nice ribbing on the air; Paul Gallant, who continues the awesome tradition of kick ass Syracuse broadcasters and is a future star; Chris Jones, who I had the pleasure of working with and was even kind enough to serve as my personal alarm clock for a year; John McClain, who introduced me to everyone I needed to know when I first got to Houston and has always been so nice to me, despite our on-air battles; Matt Hammond & Cody Stoots, two young guys who could be full-time hosts in plenty of big-time markets across the country and have been absolute pleasures to work with. Top to bottom, I’d put our team up against any radio station in the country. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and every one of you, and everyone that I didn’t mention here as well.

Thank you to the amazing people at FS1, most notably to Jamie Horowitz and Charlie Dixon for giving me this amazing opportunity. I never thought I’d stay in Houston forever, but I also never thought I’d be leaving now and leaving to do a daily national television show. But the people at FS1 saw something in me and made it clear that they wanted me to be a part of what they are building, and despite all the sanguine feelings about leaving Houston, I couldn’t be more excited to get out to LA and start killing it.

Finally, let me finish this where I started it: With you, the listeners. From the dozens of you that I feel I’ve become legitimate friends with via Twitter and the text line, to those that I’ve never spoken with but who have listened regularly and supported what we have tried to do, I thank you with all of my heart. It is because of you guys that I am able to wake up every day and live out the only dream I’ve ever had since I was a little boy. I can never repay it, but please know how much I appreciate it.

I hope you guys check out the new TV show, and if you’re on Twitter, you know you can get me @getnickwright, but whether you do any of that or not: Thank you so very much. These past four years have been the most important four years of my life.

I love you, Houston. Be Safe, Be Easy.

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  1. Andi says:

    about time this idiot leave town….I have not listen to 610 in the morning with the idiot on the mic. thank you LA.

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