HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – With the 06-07 years of Smith’s tenure covered we turn to the 2008 season for the Houston Texans GM.

Explanation of grading:

Great – Transformative move that had a positive multi-year effect on the team

Good – Positive move that had at least one year of impact for the team

Meh – Moves that were neither hugely positive or negative. Late round draft picks with no other real options.

Bad – Negative moves that had half season or full season negative impact. Picks/signings when reasonably believable upgrades were available

Terrible – Multi-year negative effects. Picks/signings when significant talent could have been found instead.

These moves are not looked at as much in the moment, as how we now see them in history. No use in trying to remember how we felt at the moment, that was covered extensively at the time.

3/1 Signed CB Jacques Reeves to a five-year $20 million deal with $8 million guaranteed.

Reeves had played four years with the Cowboys totaling one interception in 60 games, 13 of those starts.

Grade – Bad

He started 21 games in two years but he wasn’t good. Even slightly below average. The Texans cut ties with him two years into the deal. There weren’t a ton of other reasonable free agent options, but this wasn’t good.

3/13 Signed RB Chris Brown to a two-year $3.6 million deal

Brown was fresh off two seasons as a rotation back in Tennesse after he fell off from his two previous years with the Titans.

Grade – Bad

He didn’t play in 2008 and in 2009 he authored one of Gary Kubiak’s worst plays ever as he attempted a halfback pass. There wasn’t much better. I’m not going to retroactively advocate that the Texans should have chased Michael Turner who ended up in Atlanta on a big payday.

3/17 Traded a 2008 6th round pick to Denver for C Chris Myers

Myers had just started 16 games for the Broncos.

Grade – Great

Myers would step in and promptly start 7 straight years at center garnering two Pro Bowl selections.

2008 Draft

Round 1 – OT Duane Brown, Virginia Tech

The 26th overall pick after the team traded back from 18th overall with the Ravens and gained two additional picks.

Grade – Great

Brown blossomed into a franchise, Pro Bowl, left tackle. Many advocated for a running back in that draft, and there were options in the first round. Players that went between 18 and 26 of note include CB Aqib Talib (20), RB Felix Jones (22), RB Rashard Mendenhall (23), RB Chris Johnson (24), CB Mike Jenkins (25). Brown is better than all of those players, and unlike some, still playing and starting.

Round 3 – CB Antwuan Molden, Eastern Kentucky

The 79th overall pick.

Grade – Bad

He played very few relevant snaps for the Texans. There were no players of relevance drafted around him.

Round 3 – RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia

The 89th overall pick. Acquired via the trade back in the first round.

Grade – Good

He was amazing his rookie year rushing for almost 1,300 yards and nine touchdowns. He looked promising but injuries and bad advice to bulk up after his first year led to his demise as a rotational back. Good is perhaps a little liberal in the grading, but he was far from Meh for a bonus pick.

Round 4 – LB Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech

The 118th overall pick.

Grade – Meh

The resume was worth the draft pick. Played three years with the team before bouncing around and out of the league. No significant players were drafted around him.

Round 5 – DT Frank Okam, Texas

The 151st overall pick.

Grade – Bad

Okam was never more than a prospect and played in just 11 games in three years. DT Letroy Guion (152) played the same position and is still in the league. WR Matthew Slater (153) has become a special teams ace. DE Kroy Biermann (154) is still playing in the league as well.

Round 6 – S Dominque Barber, Minnesota

The 173rd overall pick. Acquired via trade back in the first round.

Grade – Meh

Late round pick with no other solid selections around him.

Round 7 – QB Alex Brink, Washington State

The 223rd overall pick.

Grade – Meh

Not a relevant player. No other relevant QBs around him in draft.

Running Tally:

Great – 3

Good – 6

Meh – 6

Bad – 4

Terrible – 5


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