LSU fans think their team has a great chance to win the 2014 Advocare Texas KickoffBy Cody Stoots

Houston (CBS Houston) – The Wisconsin Badgers depart their locker room among a shower of boos from the LSU faithful. It would be an understatement to say the Badger fans are outnumbered by purple and gold. They’re almost swallowed by it.

The LSU Tigers and the Wisconsin Badgers meet in this year’s Advocare Texas Kickoff. Each team boasts an impressive national ranking and high exceptions for their season. The Badgers arrive in Houston with the 14th rank in the AP and Coaches polls. They’re the class of the Big Ten right now with a schedule which sets them up to be a part of the inaugural college football playoff. It isn’t an easy start.

The LSU Tigers look to recapture former glory, and continue their impressive string of season opening victories. The Bayou Bengals decimated a ranked TCU team last year. 2012 saw North Texas demolished. The third ranked team in the nation, Oregon, fell in 2011 to the Tigers. Before the Ducks, ranked North Carolina were victims the year before.

Eric McCallum and his wife aren’t worried about starting the season with Wisconsin. McCallum’s wife called the Badgers cupcakes. McCallum wasn’t short on confidence. He predicted a final score, with a chuckle, of 247-0 in favor of LSU.

Jason Creech has mixed feelings about his team playing such a daunting neutral-site game so early in the season.

“We’ve done this,” Creech said as he listed the previous openers for LSU. Creech also said he was excited about bringing the LSU style tailgating to the opposing fans.

“Folks talk about doing it up,” Creech said, “but come to LSU and you’ll see how it’s done.”

Matt McLaurin is confident in his Tigers.

“I think it’s going to be a big game,” McLaurin said.” But I think LSU is gonna come out on top. We’ve always had a big team first game.”

While Eric McCallum is excited to see one of the best high school recruits at the running back position Leonard Fournette, McLaurin is already looking ahead on the schedule.

“Alabama,” McLaurin said when asked what he is most excited about this season. He said it will be a good time to see LSU and Alabama at home. He said LSU would beat the Crimson Tide in Baton Rouge.

A young and unproven quarterback. A defense that has been un-tested. Their pseudo Big Ten opposites line up against them. None of this scares the LSU faithful.

Corey Soirez, like many of his fellow yellow and purple clad cohorts, predicts a positive night for the Tigers.

“A big W for LSU.”

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