By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Texans had a downer of an opening game on Saturday as they fell to the Cardinals 32-0.  But, we are optimists here at SportsRadio 610.  And we believe that this means the season will only get better!  Here are 32 reasons that the Texans season is only on it’s way up.  One reason for each point both the Cardinals and Texans scored in the preseason opener.

1. The games will start counting.

Who cares about the preseason.  Uncle Rico gets playing time in the preseason.

2. The Texans will score.

They aren’t going to get shut out forever.  Somehow, the Texans will score.  Even if it is a snap over the punter’s head in the an for safety, the Texans did that.  2 points.

3. Arian Foster will be healthy

We can’t guarantee he will stay healthy, but at some point he will be healthy and playing.

4. Andre Johnson will be back

Andre will get on the field.  Any game with Andre on the field is better than Saturday.

5. Brian Cushing will be healthy

Cush will be on the field.  He will play like a banshee and the chances of fluke injuries occurring for a 3rd straight season to his knees is extremely unlikely. But just in case, forget we ever said anything.

6. Louis Nix will be healthy

The rookie is actually back on the field practicing with the team!

7. Texans Cheerleaders

This was a road game.   The cheerleaders don’t travel with the team.  They will be home 10 times this year.  That is 10 times the cheerleaders will be on the field for our viewing pleasure.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

8. New Faces at running back

3 RBs have been cut.  A few new ones have been brought in.  Who doesn’t like to see new friendly faces on the field.

9.  Penalties Will Have To Drop

13 penalties wont happen again…right?

10. Johnathan Joseph Will Play

Joseph sat out the opening game.  He’ll eventually be on the field.  #Improvement.

10. Home Games

The Cardinals game was in Arizona.  While the Texans would love to be back there to finish out the season (Super Bowl in Glendale this year), home games are what matter for us here in Houston.  And we can’t wait to be watching in person.

11. DQ Strong.

We are all rallying around David Quessenberry as he fights Lymphoma.   This whole season we will all be #DQStrong and hopefully at some point David will be strong enough to be on the sideline with his team.  That moment will be worth seeing.

12. Clowney & Watt Playing together on almost every down.

We only were able to see the two beasts at the front of the D for a few plays. We will see that number continue to grow and offenses continue to be frightened and quite frankly we can’t wait.

13. More of This from JD.

Courtesy SB Nation

Courtesy SB Nation

14. Some HBO Airtime

The Texans and Falcons are practicing twice with the HBO Hard Knocks cameras there.

15. Some Clarity at Quarterback

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter.   But will he remain the starter?

16. Tailgating!

Nothing like hitting the Yellow lot bright and early to start some delicious food on the grill and ice cold drinks from the cooler.

17. They will score.  Right?

They have to.  It will happen. Yup.  Going to happen.

18. We’ll be giving away tickets all year!

Free Tickets. Boom.  Better than Paying.

19. If you are going to prom, maybe you can take her

20. No Vanilla Ice At Halftime (we hope)

It could happen.  It might happen.  We can just hope it doesn’t happen.  Again.

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

21. Watching the majesty of a perfectly placed Shane Lechler punt.

Shane Lechler is a Hall of Famer.  There I said it.  He is the best punter in the game and can actually change how a game is played.  He can put the ball exactly where he wants it if it’s 45 yards or 65 he’s got it covered.  Enjoy every second you can when he’s out there, because you’re watching history.  Fact.

22. JJ Watt Salutes

Nothing like a salute too the veterans every time JJ Watt gets a sack.  Now we’ll see if he can get that number up around 20 again.

23. Football Time In Houston

24. Extra Points Will Be Closer

It was weird watching the Cardinals take all those long extra points.  Normal extra points come regular season.  AND if the Texans are taking extra points, that means they scored!  YAY!

25. We don’t have to Play the NFC West This year.

The NFC west is the best division in football.  and while the Texans have to play them twice in the regular season, the Texans were blessed with the NFC East during the regular season.  Thank you scheduling gurus!

26. Seeing the starters for more than 1 series a game.  (hopefully)

If the starters only make it one series a game the season would be horrible.  Luckily that wont happen.

27. Temperature should start cooling off as the season progresses.

It wont be 95 with 100% humidity every day.  At some point (read: November) it will cool off.  When it does, things will be better.

28. #1 priority on the waiver wire.

We get first dibs at everyone else’s throwaway.  We’ll take it.

29. It could be worse, we could have Tony Romo and his back.

30. Our Owner doesn’t get caught in precarious photos with strippers.

Ouch, back to back shots at the Cowboys, we know, but hey, they deserve it.

31. The 6-10s out will be out and about.

Our 6-10’s will be all over the city all season promoting the station and saying ‘hi’ and just being as lovely as can be.

32. Did I mention the Cheerleaders?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans

Bob Levey/Getty Images


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