By Matt Hammond, Sports Radio 610By Matt Hammond

This just in, from the Bill O’Brien News Desk: the world did not end, despite even the Houston Texans 32-0 loss to the Arizona Cardinals last night.

Said the head coach on Sunday in his day-after press conference following his team’s poor showing in their preseason opener:

“At the end of the day, it’s one game.

“The sun, I believe, rose today. I missed mass this morning, which I probably should have gone to mass, my mom will probably be mad at me, but I know the sun came up.”

It’s a similar sentiment to the one quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick expressed when he said that, however disappointed the team was, “there also needs to be perspective” for a preseason game.

It’s probably the right approach, given that the only thing worse than gaining only 172 yards while drawing 13 flags for 126 penalty yards and allowing 407 yards in Week 1 of the preseason is sending a message that the coaching staff is already panicking.

So no, there will be no yelling.

“I’m not going to — the first thing I’m going to do tomorrow morning is tell them the things I need to do better,” O’Brien said. “And then we’re going to point out some things that we can all do better, and then we’re going to point out some positives, Hey this was really good, if we continue to do these things, we’re going to be in really good shape.”

O’Brien stressed the importance of instead showing players their mistakes, which in the case of the offense may have been part of the reason why Fitzpatrick played the whole first half — so O’Brien could get more film to teach him with.

“We’ll push practice back a little bit, we’ll get together tomorrow morning at 8 o’clock, and we’ll show them the good, the bad and the ugly,” he said. “That’s part of it. You have to show it to them and teach them what they did wrong, and hopefully they learn from their mistakes and can go out on the practice field and correct it.”

The Texans welcome the Atlanta Falcons for two joint practices on Wednesday and Thursday before their meeting on Saturday night at NRG Stadium.

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