Everyone has the freedom of speech, but in doing so, I also have the freedom to tell you how moronic and chauvinistic said speech is. While the San Antonio Spurs have received much praise for hiring Becky Hammon as the first female assistant coach, there have been many criticisms. The criticisms, however, have no basis other than stereotypes and backward thinking.

Please note the below tweets were copied exactly as written. Misspellings are those of the obviously superior authors.

@mattyvincent44: jk everyone, if Becky Hammond is hot of course I would (pretend to) listen to her. (Followed by many, “can’t you take a joke” tweets.)

@Matt_P_82 Becky Hammond is the first full time professional stat taker lol

@BklynThor @MikeAndMike You guys r just being politically correct regarding Becky Hammond..If u were still playing, you wouldn’t like it.

@Imf187 How long until we hear bout Tony Parker trying to get at Becky Hammond?

@TimGoodman6 Coquese Washington head coach at Penn state womens team would be a better coach in NBA than Becky hammond Always a gimmick#whatever#politics

This is exactly the underlying disrespect many men still have for women that I spoke of in my article last week. Why are none of these things brought up when men are hired to coach women? Becky Hammon interned with the Spurs, and Greg Popovich saw her coaching potential. It is not a political move. She did not keep a “more deserving” man from a job. She did not suddenly appear on the scene. (The image above was taken in 2008.) She is qualified and was hired to do a job.

Let me say this again:

Every time a woman is minimized in any way, in any environment, it affects your wives, sisters, and daughters by perpetuating, and sometimes justifying, treating females as inferior. (from Ray Rice, Roger Goodell – Who Is Public Enemy #1?)

“Joking” about how she got her job or what players she will hook up with is simply ignorant. Fortunately, most people in the workforce have had female supervisors, so it is mind-blowing that there is such outrage when woman work in sports. It is especially interesting that a woman’s ability to coach is questioned because of gender. For those that need it broken down further in order for everything to fit in its proper place, here you go. Coaches are teachers, and women are “supposed” to be teachers. Becky Hammon is just doing woman’s work!

Meltsdown: Why Do People Have A Problem With A Female Assistant Coach In NBA?

Here are some of the positive tweets on Becky Hammon’s new job.

@sc_theta Our inspiration today is Becky Hammon, who is now the first female coach of an NBA team!! #leadingwomen #gospurs

@DarrenThibault I read an article about Becky Hammon 3 years ago. It said she was going to be the first female head coach. She just took that first step.

@RealSkipBayless One day, I believe, Becky Hammon will be the NBA’s first female head coach. That’s how much Pop thinks of her. This was no PR move. Legit.

@BeckyHammon Thanks for all the love & support today!! I feel incredibly blessed, grateful, surreal & excited all at the same time!

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