Josh "JR" ReeseBy Joshua Reese

DJ Swearinger in his young career has become an energetic and vocal leader on the Texans. He has also got a little reputation of being a “trash talker” on the field. The NFL this season will be cracking down on trash talkers.
“Yeah, I’m a trash talker” Swearinger said “But I can find ways to clean up my trash talk”.

This year Swearinger will have to use some of those ways to keep him out of hot water, cause for Swearinger trash talk is a very important part his game.

“When you get the guys who don’t talk trash to talk back to you, that’s when you know you’re in their head” Swearinger said.

Getting into a receivers mind is really important for Swearinger “Instead of them making a play for their team they could drop a ball.  They come across the middle they could drop a ball seeing me coming, you know miss a block trying to get at me” Swearinger said.

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