Call to action: A 10-y-old girl w/ Muscular Dystrophy, about to have surgery, needs a service dog. Lil help? @SportsRadio610

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Crazy Mac with Shades
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0406140941 Call to action: A 10 y old girl w/ Muscular Dystrophy, about to have surgery, needs a service dog. Lil help? @SportsRadio610

By John P. Lopez

Her name is Mackenzie. Some call her, “Crazy Mac.”

She is a precious little 10-year-old girl who’s been dealt a challenging hand. Crazy Mac has Muscular Dystrophy and is about to undergo surgery to implant rods in her back that could help and correct Scoliosis.

Here’s the deal: Mackenzie needs a dog — a puppy, preferably — that can be trained to help her, especially when she falls down. Crazy Mac has flagging strength in her arms and legs.

Mackenzie also could use a loyal friend. She’s shy and sometimes self-conscious. Her favorite kind of dog is a Golden Retriever.

As you might expect, the medical bills for Mackenzie’s family have piled high, so buying a good dog that can be trained isn’t exactly a priority on the family’s list.

Thus, Gibson and I are asking that anyone who could donate a Golden Retriever or similar dog (Labrador, etc.) to the family contact with any information that might help. And if one cannot be donated, any contacts who could offer a reasonable price would be much-appreciated.

This is one of the good things Sports Radio 610 listeners should do. Help me get this done!

“Crazy Mac” would appreciate it.

And so would Gibson.


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