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Houston (CBS Houston) – Brooks Reed moving to inside linebacker is a reoccurring off-season theme for the Texans. Last year, under Wade Phillips, Reed spent most of OTAs working inside before playing the season outside.

This off-season there’s been plenty of speculation that Reed would be moving inside after the Texans drafted OLB Jadeveon Clowney.

“Right now it’s up to the coaches, you know, where they want me.” Reed said. “I’ve been doing inside all OTAs and offseason, but I’m prepared to play both.”

Reed came out of Arizona as a defensive end before converting to outside linebacker his rookie year. Coaches have raved about his play against the run outside, but he’s failed to produce big sack numbers since his rookie year.

“I feel like I’m versatile enough to where if someone where to get injured, I could fill in at outside or fill in at inside.” Reed said. “I’m pretty interchangeable.”

Even though he’s spent most of the off-season working inside, the coaching staff hasn’t yet indicated where he’ll lineup on Sundays.

“What they tell me is just to know both going in,” Reed said. “I’m sure I’ll get reps at both.”

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