Will Grubb, SportsRadio610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – Kareem Jackson is entering the final year of his rookie contract this season, meaning he could be in for a potential payday in 2015.  It also means his 2014 play will go a long way in determining his value on the open market.

“I think for anybody going into the last year of their deal is probably a big year for them,” Kareem Jackson said Friday. “I see it as a big year for me just to be around and be a leader. Continue to do things right around here and hopefully everything happens in my favor.”

With a new coaching staff and a new defense under Romeo Crennel, Jackson isn’t dwelling on what might happen next summer.

“My main objective is to get in and just work,” Jackson said. “If things happen, if they (his agent and the team) started to talk or whatever, that will happen, but for me, that’s not my concern right now. My concern is to come in and work and do everything that’s necessary to be a part of the team.”

Team first. Just what Bill O’Brien likes to here.

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