Andre Johnson Not Pictured On Texans Season Tickets, Texans Not Hiding It

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Matt Hammond
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As Nick and Lopez noted on Tuesday In The Loop, the Houston Texans have left Andre Johnson’s image off their 2013-14 season tickets, mailed to fans this week.

This, amid Johnson’s standoff with the front office.

The team has made it clear through their official Twitter handle: they’re not being shy about that decision.

From today:

Asking fans to take pictures of season tickets that, probably for the first time since his arrival in Year 2 of the franchise, don’t feature Johnson. And offering to post said pictures on the team’s official web site. Kind of the opposite of sweeping the issue under the rug.

Pictured instead are J.J. Watt, Arian Foster, Brian Cushing and Kareem Jackson, the closest things to franchise players the Texans have in lieu of Johnson.

But also shown are Garrett Graham and Alan Bonner — hardly a marketing department’s dream, putting to bed any (already incredibly thin) possibility that Johnson’s omission might have been a mistake.

Whether Johnson will play for the team again will be determined by how the sides handle Johnson’s (1) forfeited $1 million workout bonus, (2) 2015 salary, (3) Hall of Fame aspirations and (4) trade market — not tweets and tickets and PR gimmicks.

But this seems to be another indication that the Texans, at least from a marketing standpoint, are preparing for the possibility that he doesn’t.


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