By Garret Heinrich

The Wednesday after the MLB All-Star game is the one day on the sports calendar where there are no competitions of the four major US Sports being played. (We barely are counting the HR derby as a competition, but we’re counting it.) With no sports being played it is the perfect day to get out and play some new sports you might not have tried. Here are the best seven you can get out and play right now.

1. Bocce Ball

Lawn Bowling has been played for years at country clubs and rec areas all over the world. It’s a simple game that takes skill and finesse but can also be done with a cold beverage waiting for you shortly after your shot. Houston even has Major League Bocce if you like it enough to take it super (not so super) serious.

2. Disc Golf

Don’t call it Frisbee golf, Frisbee is a brand not the name for every disc out there. A game that is almost always free or at least cheap you can get out and play 18 holes of disc golf in about 2 hours. Just like regular golf you have a driver, mid-range and putter to play with to try and drop your disc into the metal cage that represents the hole. Don’t think it’s all leisure though, you’ll work up a bit of a sweat (it’s Houston, you can sit down and work a sweat we know.) playing, but it is well worth it. Great for all ages who know how to throw a disc. There are courses all over Houston. Check them out and get out there.

3. FootGolf

The World Cup just finished and you can quench that soccer thirst without having to get 21 friends together. Played on actual golf courses, FootGolf mixes Soccer and Golf and is a challenge and a workout mixed with a ton of fun. Courses are popping up all over the country and there is even a FootGolf League. Grab your cleats ball and best knickers and head to the course for a round. The best thing is, it’s really hard to lose a soccer ball in the rough.

4. Kickball

Bringing it back to the 4th grade (I was a killer kickball third-baseman at Villalovoz Elementary. Defense, power, speed, the whole kick ball package). Kickball is even better as an adult. One, you can kick a ball a lot farther and it makes you feel good. Two, it’s always fun to get mad at your friend for throwing you medium bouncies when he knows your wheelhouse is baby bouncies. There is also no sweeter taste than a cold beer after you take a line drive from 30 feet to the face with a rubber ball.

5. Dodgeball

Upgrading from elementary school to middle-school Dodgeball is beneficial to play for multiple reasons as an adult. 1. It’s indoors, which helps in the summer when Houston is like walking covered in sweat from the car to the grocery store. 2. You get a group from work to play and make sure that guy you hate is on the other team so you get a reason to throw a ball at his face all day. 3. THEY HAVE IT ON TRAMPOLINES NOW! You thought Dodgeball couldn’t get better? Well, now you can play it in a room covered in trampolines!

6. Baseketball

Yes it’s a movie from the 90’s by the guys who make South Park, but the game is actually something you can play. Here are the rules if you don’t remember the movie too well. Bonus points if you can get Bob Costas and Al Michaels to do the commentating while you and your friends high jack the neighbors driveway for use of their hoop.

7. That One With The Ball

If none of the other ones do anything for you, there is always this standby perfectly depicted by Ross & Joey (and eventually Monica and Chandler) on Friends. Rules are simple. Pick up ball. Throw it back and fourth. Don’t drop it. See how long you can do it for. This can be played anywhere and you can easily do it at the office on a slow day. Just make sure you keep it going during the meetings. THERE IS NO STOPPING IN THIS GAME!



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