HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – Jonathan Flemming, 21, a junior and the backup quarterback for the Houston Baptist football team was leaving a party at 1:15 Sunday morning when he was attacked by a group of four men.

KPRC-TV reports that Flemming was attacked by the group as he was getting into his car to leave the party on Houston’s southeast side.

“You never think something like this is going to happen to you,” Flemming told KPRC. “You never think, ‘I’m going to get carjacked,’ you know, you never think, ‘I’m going to get shot.’”

Flemming said that one of the men pointed a gun directly at his head. “I had a gun pointing in my face, so I opened the door, go out, put my hands up to surrender, to give them what they wanted, but they knocked me down, kicked me and punched me,” Flemming told the station.

Flemming said he was shot while kneeling down with his hands up.  He was shot once in the right shoulder and once in the back of his heel.

All four men ran and are still at large.

Flemming was treated at a nearby hospital for his wounds.  He has been discharged and is now back on campus.

He is eager to get back on the football field to practice with his teammates.


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