By Garret Heinrich

The NFL Season is approaching and that means it’s time to figure out what prop-bets to lay down. Here are the odds for the MVP in the National Football League.

Houston Texans Arian Foster is the only Texan on the list at 100-1 odds.  The Cowboys and Bears have the most players on the list with three each.

Peyton Manning QB Broncos 3-1
Drew Brees QB Saints 11-2
Aaron Rodgers QB Packers 15-2
Tom Brady QB Patriots 9-1
Andrew Luck QB Colts 16-1
Jay Cutler QB Bears 20-1
Matthew Stafford QB Lions 20-1
Cam Newton QB Panthers 25-1
Colin Kaepernick QB 49ers 25-1
Russell Wilson QB Seahawks 25-1
Robert Griffin III QB Redskins 25-1
LeSean McCoy RB Eagles 25-1
Adrian Peterson RB Vikings 25-1
Calvin Johnson WR Lions 25-1
Matt Ryan QB Falcons 33-1
Nick Foles QB Eagles 40-1
Ben Roethlisberger QB Steelers 50-1
Eli Manning QB Giants 50-1
Philip Rivers QB Chargers 50-1
Tony Romo QB Cowboys 50-1
Marshawn Lynch RB Seahawks 50-1
Demaryius Thomas WR Broncos 66-1
Matt Forte RB Bears 66-1
Jamaal Charles RB Chiefs 66-1
Dez Bryant WR Cowboys 66-1
Brandon Marshall WR Bears 66-1
Julio Jones WR Falcons 66-1
Jimmy Graham TE Saints 66-1
Joe Flacco QB Ravens 100-1
Johnny Manziel QB Browns 100-1
Andy Dalton QB Bengals 100-1
Eddie Lacy RB Packers 100-1
Arian Foster RB Texans 100-1
Rob Gronkowski TE Patriots 100-1
Alex Smith QB Chiefs 150-1
Alfred Morris RB Redskins 150-1
C.J. Spiller RB Bills 150-1
Antonio Brown WR Steelers 150-1
DeMarco Murray RB Cowboys 200-1
Frank Gore RB 49ers 200-1



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