Houston (CBS Houston) – With a large, impressionable group of rookies, the Texans decided to bring in three time Super Bowl Champ and Triple Threat co-host Ted Johnson to speak to their rookie class.

Johnson, who spent ten years with the Patriots, played under defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel and beside linebackers coach Mike Vrabel.

His message was as follows:

A) Be a good teammate.

-Be engaging (don’t isolate).  If guys are picking on you, it means they care.

B) Your body is your commodity… Invest in it

-Consult with your nutritionist. Ask her to go to the grocery store with you. Don’t hesitate to hire a chef and don’t eat everything at the buffet. You have to change eating habits from college/

C) You must have good practice habits.

-Studystudystudy!  They don’t wait for you in the NFL.  They don’t have special classes for slower learners.  Coaches/players don’t have patience with this.

-Practice hard because they are ALWAYS watching and you’re playing for your professional lives.

D) It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.

-There are two ways to keep a job in the NFL. Be good at a few things or dominate at one thing.

E) Do your job.

-Football is the most interdependent sport there is. Do your job and it will help others do theirs.

Johnson also talked about:

The Fans

-The Texans have the best fans. They will love you….unless you give them a reason not to.

The Media

-Use the media to your advantage
-Learn their names  and be personable.
-Take the time to answer their questions and I guarantee you’ll get the benefit of the doubt. They’re  human….if they like you the criticism won’t be as  harsh.
How To Deal With Friends And Family
-Learn to say NO.
-Some feel you are obligated to financially help them out.  Be careful.  When you are done, a lot of them won’t be there for you.
-Be leery of financial advisers.
-Save your money and put it aside.
-Be careful investing with friends and family.
Johnson said the message was very well received. “They were great. It’s a great group. They came up to me afterwards to shake my hand and ask questions.” Johnson said. “Some of them even asked for my contact info because they wanted to talk more about life in the NFL.”



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