ROUND ROCK, Texas (CBS Houston) — Round Rock police officers shot and killed a family dog after home’s alarm system was activated.

Hope Lane tells KVUE-TV that her granddaughter forgot to shut the front door all the way after leaving for school, causing it to blow open, tripping the alarm.

Two officers arrived to Lane’s home Friday, entering the house and shouting verbal warnings. Round Rock authorities say when they came upon the 120-pound Rottweiler named Bullet, the dog became aggressive toward them and made threatening actions.

That’s when, according to KVUE, the officers shot Bullet a total of seven times.

The dog was taken away by police by the time Lane got back to her house.

“I thought my dog would still be there, I may have wanted to bury my dog in my backyard,” she told KVUE. “Who told you to take my dog away?”

Lane said 8-year-old Bullet, who suffered from hip dysplasia, is not aggressive.

“My dog is in his home, in his room, laying down chilling like he does and he takes a long time. Anybody can come in the house and be like, ‘I thought you had a dog?’ And I do, but he’s not an aggressive dog,” Lane told KVUE.

Lane added that the dog’s blood was cleaned up off the floor, but that bullet holes remain in the wall and the futon Bullet slept on.

“That tells me something is not right,” she told KVUE. “I can’t speculate what’s not right, but something is truly not right.”

Officers met with the Lane family after the incident on Friday to explain what happened. Lane hopes that this leads to better training for the officers.

“I just hope and pray that the Round Rock Police Department looks into better training for the residents in the area that have dogs and have alarm systems,” she told KVUE.

Round Rock authorities are still investigating the incident.

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