Houston (SportsRadio 610) – Kareem Jackson joined In The Loop with Nick Wright and John Lopez to discuss this weeks upcoming draft.  He had no specific insight into the Texans plans but had some very interesting thoughts on some of the prospects.

Jackson addressed the concept of players stock rising or, in the case of Teddy Bridgewater, falling after their final collegiate season has been completed.  “Talent is talent, I mean like you said, you cut the tape on and the guy is making plays I mean, that is all that matters, I mean all these interviews and questions,  some guys aren’t you know, ready for those things” .  Jackson is a believer in judging players based on what they do on the field rather than some of the other ways players are judge throughout the draft process. “The only thing that matters is that when you cut that tape on he is producing and he is doing it the right way.”

When asked about which quarterbacks he had watched and liked in this year’s draft he mentioned the big three but left room for others, “I also like AJ from my school, he has won a lot, he knows what it takes”.

Jackson, however, is not sold that it has to be a quaterback with the first pick.  When he was asked about the Texans bringing in  Jadeveon Clowney or Khalil Mack he said “It could definitely add some more explosion” and then elaborated on his rationale.  “We had some guys last year that was also, you know, explosive as well like Antonio Smith but he’s not here anymore”.  He also thinks that the addition of another elite play maker would create more diversity in their schemes, “We could definitely do a lot more games with them upfront.”



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