An Incomplete But Truly Heartfelt List Of Why (Nick or Lopez) loves (his wife or Jim Mudd), On Our First Anniversary

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a list that John Lopez came across by having it accidentally e-mailed to him by Nick Wright.  The list was intended for Nick’s Wife on their first anniversary.   It just so happens to be everything that John loves about In The Loop producer Jim Mudd]

That First Hug… 5%

Your Unbelievable Smile… 3%

How Much You Love Us… 6%

Your Wonderfully Perfect Hair… 4%

Our Three Amazing Kids… 7%

That You Listen To My Show… 1%

That You Get Me… 3%

The Way Your Pronounce Words… 2%

When You Try To Be A Thug… 1%

That You’re My Perfect Fit… 4%

How You Always Have My Back… 2%

How Hard You Work… 4%

Your Sense Of Style… 3%

How Fun You Are… 5%

What A Great Mother You Are… 6%

How Your Skin Feels… 3%

That You’re The Perfect Wife… 3%

How Much You Believe In Me… 2%

How Smart You Are… 3%

That Everyone Adores You… 1%

How Much Cooler You Make Me… 2%

That You Know Just What I Like… 2%

Your Cooking… 2%

Your Taste In “Horror Pictures”… 1%

How Much You Love Moe… 1%

What A Great Friend You Are… 1%

Your Laugh… 1%

How Unbelievably Strong You Are… 4%

That You Somehow Chose Me… 2%

The Way People Look At You… 1%

How Impressive You Are… 1%

When You Get Tipsy… 1%

Everything I’m forgetting… 8%

Your Body & That Booty!… 4%


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