Will Grubb, SportsRadio 610By Will Grubb

Houston (CBS Houston) – Remember the struggle? Remember the tedious and long task of landing a ‘star’? Remember the three years spent in the NBA abyss before the arrival of James Harden?

Daryl Morey does. Fortunate or not, he’s done what many general managers hope to do once in their career. He’s landed two max-level superstars. It’s a chance that comes along once a decade, if you’re lucky. He’s created a 3-4 year window, where the Rockets have to tools to be contenders.

I like Kevin McHale. His players like him. He’s helped Dwight Howard significantly improve his offensive game.

But make no mistake, down 2-0 in the first round,  he should be coaching for his job.

Through two games, there’s no question that Terry Stotts has out-coached him. Terry Stotts, a two-time retread head coach, has out-maneuvered and borderline embarrassed Kevin McHale, the man charged with getting the most out of this rare opportunity.

Can you imagine what Gregg Popovich would do to McHale in a seven game series? The horror.

No, James Harden hasn’t had the best series. Yes, the Rockets are shooting 30% from three-point range. But Kevin McHale has been unable to come up with a plan to stop Lamarcus Aldridge. Forget a plan, he doesn’t have an idea.

If the Rockets had limited Aldridge to 30 points a night, there’s a good chance they’re up 2-0 not vice versa. Giving McHale another year to figure it out equates to 25% or 33% of the Rockets’ contending window. If they lose the series, that’s time the Rockets can’t afford to waste.

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