By Garret Heinrich

We feel really bad for Julian. Julian is a University of Indiana student who’s recent episode of Wheel of Fortune has made him an internet sensation. Julian had a hard time figuring out some words and the pronunciation of a mythology character who also has body part named after him. If you haven’t seen it, below is Julian’s moments of infamy.

Julian’s Achilles

Well luckily for Julian, he’s not the first contestant to flub an easy puzzle on the Wheel. We scoured the interwebs, went through our grandma’s backlog of VHS copies of old shows, and found some other horrendous miscues on the part of WOF contestants. So enjoy these and give Julian a break, maybe he’s not a Brad Pitt Fan.

Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa (Ri-pa)

We give these guys a little break. They have more important things to do then watch Regis & Kelly.

Exclusive Nightclub

Well…it’s not like women are ever held out of night clubs…so…

Auckland New Zealand

This was before Lord of the Rings came out and everyone realized New Zealand was an actual country.

Magic Wand

We’ve had a magic hand before, it was amazing. And yes we’d pay for it.

I Have The Wine

Superman and Spider? Woman

It’s one thing to pronounce a name wrong. It’s another thing to SAY A DIFFERENT WORD! His wife must have been pissed!

But for every half dozen Julian’s and others there is one that is just inconceivable (Yes, it means what we think it means)


Until we get on this show and put our skill to the test, we just get to sit and yell at our TVs like the rest of you. (or pause it on DVR while the wife is out of the room and Google the puzzle, to make us look smarter)


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