By John P. Lopez

The tail, finally and interminably, is wagging the dog.

The Texans’ front-office has won its game of ruse. From the days of fans and media clamoring — begging — for the slightest hint of a quarterback who could win, the Texans have managed to convince the world that with a blank canvass and a world of possibilities at their fingertips, they’d rather paint by numbers.

The numbers all add up for Jadeveon Clowney, goes the storyline: Big. Fast. Safe. Build with defense. Bookend with J.J.Watt. Find a serviceable quarterback with potential later in the draft.

The most ridiculous thing of all is that the football nation largely has bought into this fairy tale, suddenly and shockingly also being stricken with amnesia.

Countless mock drafts emanating from every corner of the football world now have Clowney as the consensus No. 1 overall selection for the Texans. In a word, lunacy.

Has everyone forgotten that in a dozen years of futile attempts at becoming a relevant Super Bowl contender there was one reason and one reason alone the quest failed every time.

Quarterback. Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback.

Just weeks ago as we watched Matt Schaub’s slow, sad descent into football oblivion, was there even one Texans fan or observer who believed a new coach and an outside linebacker would cure all? Years ago, David Carr set the entire organization into a tailspin with a weak game and weaker demeanor.

In their existence, the Texans have trotted out 12 football teams. They have yet to find a quarterback, yet now with the No. 1 overall pick they look elsewhere?

Has the Texans’ football world gone mad? Have local and national media covering the Texans been bamboozled?

Of course Clowney might become a great player — the operative word being might. Clowney Truthers also seem to forget that his own coach, Steve Spurrier, gave his effort and attitude a back-handed compliment, saying Clowney’s work ethic was, “OK.”

Lost in the Clowney hysteria has been that his Southe Carolina defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward also criticized him, saying, “I was totally surprised … I thought he was going to play,” regarding Clowney choosing to sit out the Kentucky game last season.

Remember also: A position change would be necessary in order for Clowney to fit in with the Texans’ 3-4 defense.

The Texans are on the brink of being able to choose a quarterback — any quarterback they choose. The canvass would be wide open; the possibilities under the tutelage of a new offensive-minded coach perhaps endless. The potential would be immeasurable.

But you want the guy who fits all the so-called, NFL measurables? If you do, don’t ever complain about losing or quarterbacking again. You lose that right, just like you’ve lost your mind if you think anything but a quarterback should be taken No. 1.

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