As Heard on Mad Radio

Even when Mike melts down he does it with order and bullet points.  Here’s Mike’s Melts-Down for today on Richard Sherman

  • Sherman makes good points about staying true to the environment and community into which you were born

  • I think this op-ed is fine other than the general implication that the Eagles released DeSean Jackson largely because of gang ties

  • Bottom line is, an NFL team can release a player just because they feel like it

  • Chip Kelly could just be tired of dealing with DeSean in the locker room (reports he wouldn’t return Kelly’s phone calls, missed or was late to some meetings)

  • it’s not as if these teams cut players with no repercussions. The Eagles take a $6.5M cap hit, and lose a very good player. That was the price they paid

  • the Riley Cooper comparison is not really a factor in this discussion

  • what “ties” to racist activity does Cooper have, other than his own incident?

  • I’m guessing the Eagles feel that Cooper is extremely unlikely to replicate that type of behavior. Plus, he’s a WR earning about half of what DeSean makes.


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